In the month of September, I pretty much neglected my Global blogs in favour of my CAS ones. I think that it shows a  lack of responsibility on my part and I find that it’s extremely stressful to attain balance in my life with all the things going on. However, this month I’ll try extra  hard to make up for those September blogs with quality content!! Figuring out how to fit everything into a limited time frame is honestly one of my biggest challenges currently. With all the assessments in IB, as well as extracurricular activities such as managing eSports club, Chinese school, StuCo, and having some free time has been difficult with all thats going on. I think that it would be wise to plan things out with some sort of calendar or schedule. This month I plan to make all my blog posts at the same time as CAS reflections and make sure they all come out on time and with good content.