Video Reflection

I had seen the video “First World Problems Read by Third World People” before while scrolling through social media, but never really watched it in detail. In the video, people from third world countries read out “problems” that people in first world countries complain about, like the charger not reaching the bed, getting the wrong order, or not being able to walk and text at the same time. After watching this video, it really puts things into perspective and makes me realize how small and insignificant the things these minor inconveniences that we regard as “problems” are compared to the harsh realities that are faced by less fortunate people. Countries in Africa don’t have widely available electricity like we do, much less than smartphones. They have much more to worry about than their phone having battery, like trying to survive to the next day and make sure their family does too. The video was made by an organization called Water is Life, and is made to highlight and bring awareness to the lack of clean water in some places. Sure, minor inconveniences like forgetting your phone when going to the bathroom is a minor inconvenience and sucks, but it really is nothing compared to some things other people experience, and we should learn not to take the things we have for granted and appreciate what we have, because there are tons of people out there who would kill for a lifestyle like ours.