Look At Me

Phone usage is something everyone is familiar with, even our friends in Tonga. These days, there really isn’t anyone that does not use their phones, and phones take up most of our lives. In the video, Simon Sinek talks about the problems with millennials and how technology, especially phones have contributed to that problem. a form of addiction that takes one’s attention away from what is going on around them, people tend to miss out on joyous moments. According to him, if we had our phones in Tonga, we would have missed out on details and special moments that we can remember and treasure right now because we did not have our phones and social media to distract us. For me, our phone free time in Tonga was not at all difficult to get used to. I do not use my phone often even back home, and would often forget to bring it to school on a week day. However, I did notice that without connection, I no longer had that conscious thought at the back of my head to tell Snapchat what I am doing and how great of a time I was having. Sinek mentioned this in the video, and said that this creates an illusion on the internet of how great life is when in reality, it is depressed. Without this, I think we all were more true to ourselves and each other in our experience, and I am thankful for that.