Blog 7: White Meat is the Best Meat

It’s Thanksgiving, one of my favourite holidays my family celebrate along with Christmas and Easter. For this year’s Sunday Dinner, we didn’t cook a turkey, and instead only cooked ham. I wasn’t so happy with that decision of my mom’s, and was actually quite sad for a number of days. But I didn’t say anything of course, for I knew how much work it took to cook that giant bird and I myself cannot even perfect the art of gravy making. I try to be thankful for all that I have, the many things I share with my peers, and the many things I have but my peers do not. Most of the time, I know I have way more than many others, and am grateful for that, but sometimes I just can’t help but to want more. Maybe that’s just how we are built, or maybe I should blame Eve. It was both funny and sad how on Thanksgiving, I was thinking about the fact that I miss Butterball and that we didn’t have apple pie. The irony! Thanksgiving nowadays has been turned into a business, just like many other holidays, and consequentially, we may just see it as a day off, or a formality. But writing these blogs and even just being a member of the Global Class has made me really think about the meaning of the holiday. A chance for family to gather, a chance for us to thank God.