Blog 4: Slack

I have been quite worried about my coin drive progress because of my trip to china over the summer, for my coin drive amount would be at a standstill while others keep progressing. Due to cultural reasons, asking for donations in china is so much more difficult than it would be here in Canada and I know for a fact I would not be able to much. I will try of course but even if I do receive money, I would have quite the trouble with currency exchange as there is a minimum requirement for exchanges. I have thought about doing an exchange with family members who have both currencies but I am not someone who likes to trouble others and ask for favours so that would be a giant step for me to take. Instead, I thought that I should maybe focus on getting auction items since China is a country with such a long history and it would be great if I can maybe get a few antiques here and there. I would hate to be an unhelpful teammate to my peers and wish to pick up the slack with a couple of large items for the auction as Mr. Matheny has said to do if we are unable to contribute for one event. I wish myself luck and hopefully ill find something BIG.