Blog #4: Holidays

The past week has been filled with family gatherings and parties to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. It’s also been a time to catch up with parts of the family I don’t get to see as much and because it’s the holidays it’s just been a nice break from all the work and stress (although there’s still lots to be done). Although the holidays bring a nice break and time to catch up with friends and family, it’s also one of the most wasteful times of the year.

When my cousins and I were younger we would always look forward to all the gifts we would receive such as toys, or clothes, or games, and obviously, as we get older, we no longer receive all these individual gifts which makes sense. In my experience at least, now each family just ends up giving and receiving the basic Christmas gifts such as chocolates, cookies and other things of that sort. However because basically everyone is gifting each other these things, we end up having an excess of it all, and most of it goes to waste because it’s just not possible to eat that much chocolate and cookies! A couple years ago, my mom started asking people to not give us any gifts for Christmas anymore to try and reduce the number of things being wasted, however, people continue giving us gifts every year so of course we still have to give something in return.

Christmas, as well as many holidays, have become so commercialized. Although we are able to afford gifts to give to everyone else in the family, this commercialization puts a lot of pressure on those who aren’t able to afford gifts. Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebrating and just being with people you care about, however celebrating Christmas always seems to involve money nowadays.

Happy holidays,

Valerie K