Blog #3: Silly Complaints and Teamwork

The past weekend, myself along with all the other IB students were lucky enough to get to go to Bamfield for our group 4 science project.

By spending almost every moment together at Bamfield, I realized that we all complain quite a lot. While we were there, we were all complaining about the food not being good enough, complaining about being too cold, complaining about our dorms being “too far” etc. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but now after coming back, I thought back to the video we watched about first world problems. While we’re complaining about our chicken being too dry, there are so many people around the world who have nothing to eat. In reality, us being on this trip is such a huge privilege that most people don’t get to experience.

The goal of the trip was not only doing the group 4 project and learning about science but to also build up our ability to work together as a group. Because we spent so much time together in the short 3 days that we were there, I feel like I was really able to learn more about the people around me. Inevitably, there were problems and issues that arose, but I feel like we were able to work through to solve them together and learned from them in order to try and not make the same mistakes again. It definitely tested our ability to work well together under some pressure and I think most of us were able to really learn from it.

In general, it was an amazing experience and the reason I’m writing a blog about this is because I feel like I was able to learn quite a lot from the trip, and also because it feels kind of like a preview of what it will be like with all the other global students on our global trip.

– Valerie K