Blog #37: The Missing Piece

In Tonga, we were able to live a life without internet for 9 days. Some people will probably think, “wow, 9 days… thats a lot,” and others will think, “9 days? That’s it?” The world can be split into those 2 different reactions, which is probably going to be millennials vs. everyone else.

In Tonga, us millennials were able to experience real life interactions. We made heart to heart connections in just 9 days. Deep meaningful relationships. That was because of the lack of usage of our cell phones. I can say that I have never experienced more joy in my life than I have when I was in Tonga, and I can’t helpĀ  but think that is because of our phone situation. We had to practice our interpersonal skills and we couldn’t hide behind our screens. Going to Tonga let us have some self-gratitude and purpose in our life due to the fact that we were able to accomplish something without using our phones.

The video that was assigned to us to watch was unbelievable because it was very relatable. We are so wrapped up in our devices that we don’t have the basic skills to interact with people. We were accountable for all of our actions and were able to learn valuable skills that can be used universally in many situations.

Until next time,