Blog #36: Value of Education

It is hard to place a value on my education. My outlook on school constantly fluctuates based on the type of day. We like to take the easy road and not go through any trouble, but school is constantly throwing new and different problems at us.

We are always told that because we live in Canada, we are already so fortunate. To not have to worry about war on our doorsteps or starving kids everywhere we turn. We get ‘free’ public schooling until the end of high school. The cost of school is included in our taxes but relatively speaking it can be considered free. And so the value of education decreases a little here because it is so easily accessible and it would be weird if teenagers didn’t go to high school because that is our social norm. We take for granted what we have and long for what we don’t. That is why the trip to Tonga opened up my eyes. We always hear how lucky we are to live in Canada and have the things we do, but ‘we hear and we forget‘. Since we went to Tonga and we were able to witness the schooling situation and their standards.

I am able to appreciate my education more now after Tonga, but I still take it for granted. Things do not change overnight, and that applies to the way I think and my priorities along with wants/needs and necessities. What we think is essential for living here may not be in Tonga. I cannot put a price on my education I can only be grateful for what I have and work hard for what I want.

Until next time,