#6- Bamfield

Reminiscing the Bamfield trip. This picture was taken on the first morning at Bamfield. Walking to breakfast at 7:34 am with the sunrise in front of me and my friends by my side.

As I reflect back, I feel a mix of emotions. I find myself longing for those four days I treasure so much now. I feel so lucky to have had an experience so beautiful and memorable. I miss the days when I was able to visit my peers rooms at the distance of a couple footsteps. I miss the feeling of being connected to all my classmates. I miss working under the fluorescent lab lights in the company of MY Bamfield team (GO TEAM SIX!)

Now, I’ve snapped back to reality, away from those days where almost all my worries had disappeared.  What I took away from the trip were the friendships I created. My bamfield group clicked pretty well especially with team five. So well that we didn’t want the experience to stop after the trip, we decided to hang out again yesterday. I hope our Tonga trip shadows the Bamfield one. I hope I’m able to create meaningful friendships with my fellow Global classmates. I hope I’m able to reconnect with nature like I did at Bamfield. My fully charged phone in the morning would still end up at  90% at the end of the day. I didn’t feel the need to grab my phone and entertain myself through social media. I connected with people in real life and had meaningful conversations face to face instead of behind a screen. I hope for the best in the future and believe that my global trip can be as meaningful as the Bamfield one was.

{ Thank you so much to all of our wonderful teachers- Ms.Semi, Ms. Chan, Ms. Borrut, Mr.Fugu, Mr. Chow, & Mr.Eastwood- for tolerating 90 of us for 4 whole days. Thank you for all your time, help and kindness (except for the roast song…jk) AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE BEST SUPERVISOR EVER- MR. HAMMER (& MRS. HAMMER)! I DON’T THINK YOU’LL SEE THIS BUT IF YOU DO, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! }

Malo, Sidrah