#2 Time, Luck and Hard Work

Well, it’s been a while to say the least. These last two months have been extremely hectic, not to mention the ones before. My first year of IB is over. Half-way through the journey. Responsibilities were chucked at me. I’d finish one thing and another would be in my way.

Time played a huge role, there was never enough time. If I could, I would add another hour to our clocks but even then, there still wouldn’t be enough time. My mom always tells me (like at least once every hour, no joke) work hard now, don’t waste your time and you’ll live easier later. It’s funny because just a couple of days ago, my hairdresser told me the same thing, just in other words. She said ” you work hard right now for a little bit of time in your life and then for a long time, you won’t have to work as hard”. This message is engraved in my mind. I’m so blessed that I have the opportunity to be able see my hard work pay off for me in the future. I have the opportunity to be able to make this message real. My parents aren’t as lucky and fortunate as I am. They excelled in school and worked hard but since they weren’t as lucky as I am and were not given these opportunities I have, they still have to work hard. I want every child, every adult, and every human being anywhere in the world to be given opportunities that can help them succeed. I complain about having to wake up at 7am everyday for morning class, but I know very well that someone around the world would give anything to be in my position. I’ve been given these opportunities and now it’s time for me to play my part and help give someone else this opportunity too.

Malo, Sidrah