Nutrition … Blog #31

We had a past Global student come and give a presentation today in class, which was different to what we usually do. As you can maybe guess from the title of this blog, the presentation was about nutrition. SomeĀ of the stuff in the presentation was actually things we learned in Geography class, such as the different diseases caused by malnutrition/deficiencies. Food availability is a huge problem in many countries in the world, but for me, since I live here and have access to all the food I need/want, I often forget how privileged I am to be in this position. Having sufficient food supply should be a right, but in developing countries, it is a privilege. Globally, food is distributed very unevenly. In developed countries like Canada, we have excess of food, and it gets wasted constantly, whereas in developing countries, there is not enough to go around.

When we go to India, we will probably see some people who have been physically affected by malnutrition, which will be something I will not be used to. Matheny told us that they only get meat about once a week there, so that could mean that protein is something they do not get a lot of. Hopefully by building the classrooms and helping the children of King’s Kids get a better education, we will contribute to enabling them to getting a higher education and well-paying job so that they can always get the nutrients they need in the future.