Blog #41 – Phone-Free Environment

In this video, the speaker explains the addiction in which teenagers possess with their cellphones. The attachment we have with our phones is drastically increasing as each generation progresses. With this problem, whenever young individuals encounter stress and struggle in life, they turn towards their electronic devices rather than interacting with others. The disruption of cellphones in our lives generate the lack of social skills some of us may have. The development growth of our addiction refrains us from acquiring the opportunities that life has to offer. Due to our attachment, we carry and utilize it wherever we go, even though we are surrounded by others.

I had enjoyed my phone-free time in Tonga because I had freedom. I was away from all the stress and worry back home. Frankly, I too am attached to my phone, however, my time away from it in Tonga did not feel any different. I was more than happy to not use my phone unless I wanted to take pictures because I realized how much time I have wasted on it at home when I could have done something productive. My visit was eye-opening because, in those nine days, I was able to appreciate life more along with the people I was surrounded with. In Tonga, our no phone policy had left us no choice but to interact with each other. Such opportunity enabled me to make connections with my classmates whom I rarely talk to at school. I had the chance to open up and share with some of my classmates and there, we built trust. Life without electronic devices is much happier and I’m beyond thankful that I experienced such lifestyle in Tonga.

– Samantha C