Blog #30 – Another One

On Friday was the annual grad Winter Formal. It was definitely a night in which I did not expect to be as enjoyable however, I was certainly wrong about it. That night was once again such a memorable experience that I could undoubtedly forget.

Ever since boat cruise, I allowed myself to extend my circle of friends because I realized that majority of us will be going on our own different paths in just a few months and we don’t have much time left so might as well make it worth while. At the beginning of the year, everyone in my friend group had so much free time to hang out with each other but after the month of September, all of us had too much on our plate that we couldn’t even make time for each other. I was upset to encounter change within just a month but what had to be done in order to chase our future dreams had to be done in that moment.

This event enabled us to finally catch up with one another after months of barely seeing each other. Furthermore, welcoming individuals into my friend group made Winter Formal. My friends are so important to me because without them, I could not possibly get through high school and form such unbreakable bonds.

I cannot wait for us to grow strong in the next few months.

– Samantha C