Blog #21 – Let’s Go Richmond!

Last week was officially my last pep rally and home opener at Richmond High. I always wondered what it feels like to be in this position and now I finally do. I wanted to cherish every moment of that day because it is one of the school events I constantly look forward to every year. It gives me so much excitement because this particular event brings the colt nation together in one place and support each other while their achievements are being recognized.

I had trouble sleeping the night before because of the constant worry I had about performing in front of the big crowd. No matter how much I’ve performed a cheer routine within the past four years, I still get extremely anxious prior to every performance as I think about all the things that could possibly go wrong during the time being. Rather than getting agitated on the day of, I was surprisingly calm and felt ready to perform. I think what put me in that mindset was the trust I had in God because knowing him, I know that he’ll always have my back and all I needed was to believe in him along with myself; by repeatedly telling myself that throughout the day, I overcame my fears.

My favourite part of this event is definitely home opener just because it’s the first time I get to see our senior boys and girls basketball teams play as we all yell our hearts out to cheer them on. I’m never hesitant once it comes to showing off my school because I’m always proud of it; if that means I’ll have people staring at me as I cheer for our school’s sports teams, then so be it!

I really wish that I could back and do it all over again. It’s times like this where I come into realization that I need to make every moment of my senior year count.

– Samantha C