Blog #18 – A Change

I, along with a couple of cheerleaders had a meeting last week with some teachers about pep rally and homeopener. Those two are the biggest events Richmond High hosts every single year as a tradition. During pep rally, we would introduce the senior boys and girls basketball team individually in order to get them and everyone else adrenalized for their first home games later that night. Us cheerleaders make posters specifically for the basketball team only as well however, things were altered this year.

Some of the teachers thought we should change it up a bit this year due to the fact that we may have been quite exclusive towards other sports in which we agreed with them at the end of the conversation. We had an hour long discussion about the situation where each of our points, feelings, and opinions were proved but towards the end, we came into realization that they were right about us not being inclusive these past five years.

Although this tradition has been going on for a few years, I believe that this change won’t hurt anybody but rather, it will positively impact other players as well as our team. If basketball teams get to be acknowledged every year, I think it’s only fair if other teams get the recognition they deserve because they equally work just as hard as each other and after all, we want each and every individual to be treated equitably.

– Samantha C