Blog #6: First Video Assignment

In our first assignment of the course, we were to watch a video on Youtube where people in third world countries read out common complaints made by people in first world countries. As a result of this sudden juxtaposition of cultures and traditions, the video’s statements were quite ridiculous. People living in third world countries barely have life’s basic necessities, at the same thing they are saying absurd things like “I hate when my house is so big I have to buy two routers.”. This provides a shocking contrast to what we expect, allowing us to figuratively open our eyes to view the ever-growing discrepancies between the standard of living between a first and third world country. I believe the purpose of creating this video was to spread awareness about the things we take for granted living in a first world country, to good effect. We must always remember as global citizens in a first world country, it is a privilege to own such luxuries like electronics, and have convenient and consistent access to clean water, food, and education, not a right.