Blog #9 – What Being Thankful Means To Me

Tis the season to be thankful!

Just kidding! We should all strive to be thankful everyday! Not just on Thanksgiving!


Hi everyone! Hope your long weekend has been great so far. Today is thanksgiving day and I would like to share my story to you all about what being thankful means to me.

But first of all, being thankful incredibly tough, it is something I have been struggling with all my life. Since I was little, I have been known for my constant complains about every little thing that goes wrong with his life. It may seem to others that I was just a spoiled brat, (which I might have been a little), but the truth is, I was just someone who was always unhappy about myself as an individual.

I sought for perfection, a flaw that still follows me to this day. I’ve always set a high standard for myself on everything I did in order to reach perfection. But for most of the time I was not able to achieve the faultless imagery I had wanted, and with the sense of disappointment and shame towards myself, I turned towards the darkness within me. Many years did I find myself enclosed in rage and isolation towards myself without anyone around me noticing. I did not tell anyone about it, nor did I show it around people.

It was only until when I had met the one who reigns above the clouds and felt his power working within me, where I realized there was something much bigger to look at in life and I had to look at the bigger picture. I had began to search for things that I could do to bring me a sense of peace to my mind, and throughout this journey, God had made me realize that to bring others around me joy is where I can find true peace. Now when I go through moments of stress and disbelief, I ask myself the question, “what is my Why to doing this?” Many times people find themselves complaining about “how” things are possible or stressing about “how” they should do things. To counter these thoughts, stop to remind yourself of your goal by asking the reason of “why” you’re doing this. Then for example for me I find it easier to overcome the difficulties I was facing by realizing that my goal will only be reached after experiencing and overcoming the “how”, and the pure joy you experience when you realize you are more than you think you are. This has what made it possible for me to find both perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity, and I am extremely thankful for this blessing.

My faith in Christ as well as the encouragements of my friends and family have been the force that’s been helping me push through my times of difficulties that I have encountered throughout my life. I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I am given in life and I hope to be someone who is able to continue to make the people around them happy.


a reason to be thankful,