24- Medicine

This weekend, I took my first dose of Dukerol for the trip, as prescribed by my doctor. It felt kind of unreal to think that we would be in India in less than one month and taking medicine reminded me of how close we are to the trip. All the prescribed medication seemed a bit daunting to me. Here in Canada, we’re protected from so many diseases that are common around the world. I remember speaking with Mr. McCracken about diseases and how with the focus on cleanliness and sterilization in developed countries, our immune systems do not have to work as hard. Although this is largely a good thing, since we’re safe from many life threatening illnesses, too much sterilization will weaken the immune system and leave us defenseless. With our excellent health standards in Canada, it was a little scary to think about all the possible diseases one can contract in¬†India; but I suppose vaccines are our best defense. I hope everyone¬†will stay safe and healthy on the trip.


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