26. Past

Hello again,

As the trip is only two weeks away I have really began to feel the anticipation, but I have also been reminiscent. Throughout my whole life I have spent spring break with my family, and this will be the first time away from them. Although I look forward to the next stages of life, I am truly going to miss all the memories and bonds we share. That’s not to say they will disappear at all, but it’s true that some things will be different.

This trip will be eye opening but also marks moving into a new life. It’s also a reminder to cherish the moments we have, because everything moves so quickly as we get older. While on the island, I will try to take at least one minute during each activity just to absorb the moment, and all the unique surroundings that I will likely never see again. Appreciation has been a goal of mine as of late, as I fear living a passive life and looking back with regret.

As a side note, I have just pulled out my travel backpack, thus beginning the process of fitting two weeks worth of necessities into one bag! I’m honestly looking forward to practically everything, I’m even excited for the long plane ride as I will be on the Boeing 777!!

Talk soon,