21. Learners

Hello again,

Last week was my first time driving although I have had my learners licence for quite a while now. I couldn’t help but think of the danger I would be putting myself into if I chose to go on the main road, but it would be perfectly legal! My first driving lesson from my mom mad me think back to our Global class, and the ways safety is measured.

For developed countries like Canada, the licensing system could appear to be slightly flawed with the potential for dangerous driving in young teens. You can obtain your license fairly easily, and at at a young age the ability to join in the accident prone flow of traffic. I often find myself thinking back to Thailand, and remember the lack of driving regulations  that existed there, and all the risks that are alive in daily life. No sidewalks, seat belts, and taxi drivers who had machetes at their side, by Canadian standards, this was not a safe place. My parents, obviously very aware of this, kept my sister and I safe, but did not shroud our cultural experiences. I am thankful to them for not being overprotective at this time in my life. I saw the realities of the world at a young age, and have carried those memories up until the present. After spending time overseas and returning home, everyday you can find a point of remembrance. Sometimes I catch a scent or hear a distinct sound, and I am immediately brought back to an old memory from across the world.

Travel stays with you.


I seek to build upon those vivid memories in Southeast Asia, and further develop an understanding of this vast world. I know that this trip to Tonga will stay with all of us, both in fond memories, but also in a newfound demeanour.