12. History and Modernity

Hello again,

This past week has been exhausting, and I have been feeling under the weather going into the long weekend.  That being said, there are always high points, and whenever there is something less than desirable in my life, there are so many other great things, drastically outweighing the occasional negatives.

Its November and my timetable has been changed again! When selecting courses last year, I had placed History as one of my top requests but was not added to the class. This past week, a student actually decided to drop the class, and I immediately jumped on the opportunity for possible enrolment. By my gracious counsellors aid, and the willingness of Ms. Ho, I have History on my timetable now! A little concerned with catching up, and working on my online classes too, but all in all I am very grateful for this chance, however delayed it was.

I see people I knew in Toronto receiving their first letters of University acceptance, and everyday post-secondary is the popular topic. With each conversation, and intake of other peoples plans, grade 12 seems to slip further to completion. Its already November, the auction dinner is ever so soon, there was a recent snowfall, and teachers are already discussing the term one mark cutoff dates. There is a lot to consider and accomplish. One step at a time.

Hoping everyone has a restful long weekend,