11. Solidified

Hi again,

November so far has been a terrific month, and will continue to be, as the fundraising dinner and other exciting happenings are coming closer.

This past Wednesday was a very special day. A friend offered to take me and two others on a tour of the YVR Airport operations, as well as different aspects of daily life in the piloting career.



Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – 11/01/17



Beginning in the main hangar, we transitioned to YVR and spent time exploring the airport security systems facility. A very rare experience to have, and intriguing by all the precision and precaution that goes on behind the bustling airport we all see. The Air Canada flight training facility held the simulators which I had seen before, but it was just as exciting as the last time, and everyone who went on the tour had the opportunity to commence a flight. We then ventured to the pilot check in portion of the expansive building. The walls were marked with pilot names and the aircraft they were type rated for, uniforms hung in the closets, and manuals specific to all aircraft in the fleet were present.  I felt that this section of the tour really brought the job to life, however, the people are what  really impacted me. Most who were on the tour were pilots, and I had the opportunity to converse with them and learn about their pathways to the career.  It was truly one of the most motivating moments, which I consider to have fully solidified my passion for aviation. All were encouraging, sincere, and professional, and I dream of one day joining this magnificent airline.

The flight information was just released for out trip to Tonga, and I am excited for the flying journey to the island, but more importantly the destination. Its coming ever so quickly, but first there is an auction dinner to prepare for.

With goal in mind, I will see you in the next blog!