Samoa ’13

Colts to Samoa – March 2013

As a class of 30, we will be visiting Saleapaga on Samoa’s coast, a village with a population of roughly 500 people. In June of 2009, a devastating tsunami overwhelmed the Samoan coast.

The government has relocated the village to higher ground since the catastrophe, and the people are continuing to rebuild what they have lost. However, it is the aim of our trip to build something that can unite the entire village. The money raised through various fundraisers will go toward the development of a community center and play area that we will build for the people of Saleapaga, not only as a place of gathering and support, but also as a symbol of hope and healing. Through our project, the people of this village will be able to move forward together after a tragedy that has so gravely affected each and every one of them. In these trying times, it is important for them to know that they are not alone and that we are willing to help them rebuild what they have lost.

We, the students, are determined to make a difference in this small community. Along with the Samoan United Nations Ambassador  the government resources he can bring, and our Red Cross contacts, we hope to have a lasting, profound impact on this small community. Furthermore we implore you to support us in this endeavor  Through the various fundraisers that we have and will be holding up until we leave around spring of next year, we will be working hard to uphold the prestigious tradition of the Global Perspectives Program.

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