Our History

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

– Confucius


The problem with world poverty is massive, and exists in every corner of the world. As individuals we have a role to play in alleviating poverty though we sometimes feel inadequate about our ability to make a difference. What can we possibly contribute that will make someone’s future a little brighter and a lot more hopeful?

At the turn of the millennium, no more critical challenge faces each of us, and all of us together, than how to get along. How can we learn together, and deal constructively with our deepest differences. The challenge exists on the largest scale such as government, and smallest scale re: one classroom at one high school with one course called Global Perspectives.

At Richmond Secondary there is a program that focuses on global problems. There is a 7 month classroom study of a pre selected “developing country” that requires our help, then a humanitarian field trip is planned that has students doing a two and a half week work project there. The intent is to take what we’ve learned about the culture and then apply it through our work visitation.

Over a period of 17 years students have represented themselves, their school, community and country very well by doing field work in the Amazon region of ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA, (Saigon) VIETNAM, mountain region of GUATEMALA, central INDONESIA, southern CHINA, northern THAILAND with indigenous hill tribes’ people; we’ve assisted a poor impoverished village in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC by building two classrooms to add onto an existing two room school; students built a 700 square foot dormitory for mountain kids in the Philippines so they could attend school for 5 days a week, in Cuba of 2003 a cultural centre was constructed and 2004 spring, 24 Global Perspectives students traveled to the Andean Mountains in Peru to a tiny village to help build a washroom facility for an elementary school who had tremendously bad sanitation issues.
– Ken Lorenz
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The following is a list of countries that we’ve been/planning to go to:

  1. 1995 Ecuador
  2. 1996 Vietnam
  3. 1997 Guatemala
  4. 1998 Indonesia
  5. 1999 China
  6. 2000 Thailand
  7. 2001 Dominican Republic
  8. 2002 Philippines
  9. 2003 Cuba
  10. 2004 Peru
  11. 2005 Cambodia
  12. 2006 Laos
  13. 2007 Morocco
  14. 2008 Malaysia
  15. 2008 Laos Grad Trip
  16. 2009 Paraguay
  17. 2010 Mongolia
  18. 2011 Fiji
  19. 2011 Nigeria Grad Trip
  20. 2012 Botswana
  21. 2013 Samoa
  22. 2014 Sri Lanka
  23. 2014 Fiji Grad Trip
  24. 2015 Bhutan
  25. 2016 Jamaica