#17: Why Science?

Upon applying to the Science program at UBC, I reflected on why Science was even a topic of interest to me. From a young age, I had always been curious about why things worked the way they did. I really, really enjoyed reading storybooks, and even memorized my favourite ones (when I couldn’t read yet).

Science, or biology specifically, is a concept that lies in the “grey” area. There are no definite answers; new discoveries and results are constantly being produced. It excites me when I hear about clinical tries, successful or not, because I know that somebody is working hard to improve what we already have. Science allows questions to become realities. It stretches and can even break the very boundaries that it formerly had. Most prominently, it can save lives. A doctor may face the reality of death, but (s)he also faces the miracle of life.  Their face is the face families will remember in a life-or-death situation. I often imagine the exhilarating feeling that comes from telling somebody their loved one has survived, the happiness on the faces of their families/friends.

While I am very unsure of what I would like as a career, I know two things:

  1. I want to help people.
  2. I want to keep learning.

Global is a class that enables me to do that, but it is just a start. One trip is not enough for me. 10 years from now, my hope is that I will be doing such. I want to incorporate my curiosity, desire to help others and thirst for adventure to leave meaningful footsteps behind.