#14: I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

Hearing the sound of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You has been, for some time now the way I transition into the holiday season. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, fuzzy socks, you name it — most of us are ready for winter break!

As the Christmas songs begin to ease their way into our lives, I am often filled with feelings of nostalgia, reflecting on how I felt a year ago. Never would I have imagined last year that I would be travelling to Tonga in the Spring of 2018. Though I have now known for a while, the actuality of it still remains far away and foreign to me. Never would I have been able to picture, either, the stress of university applications piled onto the amount of schoolwork we are all rushing to complete.

At times like this in the year, we often are so preoccupied with getting things done before the holiday, that we forget. We forget that in many other parts of the world, their work is being doubled so that we can celebrate our own holiday season. Where we are winding down in front of the fireplace, others are being pushed into even harsher conditions to get their work done. It is easy to forget how difficult another person’s life must be, trying to make ours more enjoyable.

Just a year ago, the things we were all so unsure about have begun to take form before our very eyes. We can never be 100% satisfied with everything, but we can work with the opportunities we are given to the best of our ability. Be it universities or career choices, we should all take this holiday season to be grateful for what are able to do. For it might be somebody else’s holiday wish on the other side of the world.