#30 Good Times

10 Feb 2018

This past Friday, our grade 12 class had our annual Winter Formal. During the past week, I spoke with my old friends from Hugh Boyd and they told me there was a possibility their Winter Formal would be canceled because only a small number of 37 students bought tickets. I recently found out it was canceled, and it made me feel appreciative of Richmond High’s 200+ family of grads who are always so excited for new events spent together.

Even though my feet were sore from walking and dancing in heels, Winter Formal was an amazing time and I had so much fun. It was lovely to see all my friends dressed up and looking sharp for the occasion. Usually, besides school, I don’t have much opportunity to see and spend time with my friends. We’re all so busy and it’s incredibly hard to find time to make plans with each other. Winter Formal was a night where we could momentarily forget about other matters and spend time enjoying the night with one another.

Over these past few months, I’m proud to say I’ve expanded my circles and have many more classmates I can call my friends. Back in the beginning few months of school, our principal, Mr. Allison encouraged us to become friends with more people because we’d regret it after leaving high school. It hasn’t occurred to me how valuable that advice was until now. It’s already February and in a few months, we will all be going in a million different directions across the world. Although that thought makes me sad, it also makes me appreciate valuable moments like these even more.

Excited for Dry After Grad,

Melissa Huen