#32: Language

A couple weeks ago (whoops a bit late) we started off a class with an activity. When we arrived, the door was closed and only a select few were chosen to go inside. Finally, when we were allowed to go inside, the desks were arranged in a shopping stall kind of way. There was Janice, Anita, Ellie, and Tat (if I remembered clearly). Our tasks were to be in groups of 3-4 and buy our list of items. We were given fake money, and so we went.
This activity was a little bit difficult because our classmates had to speak in their other language and not use English. So when we tried getting the things we needed, we had to use a lot of body language, and gestures. There was also a money issue. A lot of places like that want to take as much as your money as they can, so I learned some GREAT tips for travelling and bargaining. Some of them are:
1) Keep your belongings on you all the time, and carry smaller bills (for safety and prevention of theft).
2) Never tell them your price.
3) Be weary of your surroundings (I should follow this the most because I tend to be VERY clumsy).

It was definitely much harder to communicate due to our language barriers. It’s always interesting to talk about languages because to me, Japanese is my passion and I am planning on studying it in post-secondary. When I went to Japan, I realized my Japanese was NOWHERE close to where I thought it’d be. There is SOOO much room for improvement and learning. Isn’t it crazy on how significant language barriers are? We make friends and over time, we realize who’s important and significant to us,┬ábut if you think about it, if you spoke different languages, you wouldn’t even think about it twice. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but languages in my opinion are such beautiful things because they open your perspective and really let you see much more of other people and the world.


Author: Loise Fruto

Just a girl trying to find her way in life.