The One Where I Turned Eighteen

I used to hate being born in February. Now that I am in Canada, I do more than ever. At least in China, a grade is made up with people born in September, to people born in August the next year, and I would be right in the middle. Today, at 00:00 in the morning, I got several birthday wishes through text messages from my friends, three of them saying: Congratulations! You have always been a big sister to us, teaching us, leading us. One says: I just turned 17 two months ago, and now you are 18?! Wait for me! Of course, it was a joke, but sadly, it is also very true. I am the oldest among all of my friends. Like a big sister, I have to take on many extra responsibilities. I am a news announcer, passing on information and reminders. I am a human map. I decide where to go, when to go, and how to get there every time I hang out with my friends. I am a tutor, I teach my friends math, chemistry, even English. Ironically, I cannot handle them very well myself from time to time. Sometimes, I just wish there is someone who can lead my path once a while. When I am frustrated, confused, and lost, I wish I can have my “big sister” to guide me.

However, what can I do? Like my mom told me, just roll with it! So what if I have more responsibilities on my shoulder? Take them as experiences to learn and grow. I turned eighteen today, it is time to be stronger and more independent. Maybe many years later, I’d be thankful for being born in February, being the oldest one among my friends. Who knows?