The One with The Boat Cruise

Boat Cruise is over a week passed now. Although it was supposed to be a “semi-formal” event, it felt like a “formal” event. Everyone was fancily dressed up. Girls in heels, boys in tuxedos, getting out of limos, one after another. Once the boat launched, everyone rushed to the top level. The stunning coastal view of Vancouver stood in the colourful sunset, which made it even more beautiful. People crowded each other, trying to get a better spot for photos, yet snuggling at the same time because of the cold wind. It was my favorite moment of the night. When dinner was served, most students went inside for food, but my friends and I stayed. We then had almost the entire floor to ourselves.

Of course the night was not entirely perfect. Honestly, the food was not so good. Maybe it was the seven people squeezing in one tiny table that made the lasagna taste even worse than it was. The tiny space sure made us girls in heels miserable, too. However, despite those two tiny issues, we managed to make our night full of fun with a Coke drinking games and Truth or Dare. Most importantly, our group bonded with another group of friends that night in the games. Everyone had an amazing time.

In the last year of high school, people in the same grade connected more than ever as “Grads” in wonderful events like Boat Cruise, and I am very grateful. Not many kids around the world have the opportunity to celebrate graduation on a boat with friends. Some do not even have a chance to go to high school in the first place. I guess I should to accept my luck and enjoy the rest of my grade 12 life.

Until next time.