The One With The Car Wash and BBQ

I do not remember how much time exactly did I spent on that BBQ poster, but I know it was no less than 8 hours because I did not sleep at all that day, working on it until the last minute that I had to go to school. Of course, it was not that important. We were only using it once, several hours at most, but I knew I had to give everything I have got. It was pathetic enough that I joined this program which I do not even fit in in the first place (according to my Chinese friends…painful but true), I had to show everyone what I am capable of, even though it was nothing major.

Almost every wrote about what we did during the day, so I am not going to bore you with the details here, except that I learned that Mr. Furugori is definitely a perfectionist. (Many were amazed by his will to wash a car to the level of extremely spotless.) I do want to mention a big surprise I got. While I was washing cars, both of my parents dropped by, without knowing each other was coming. Moreover, three of their friends came, too. They donated a total of over $80 to our program.

I have been on my own in school since grade 7 because my parents cannot help me academically anymore since none of them went to college. However, they are always by my side when I need them. I mentioned to them once that I will be washing cars for global at school this Saturday morning weeks ago, and there they are, supporting me with their best wishes. Of course, my sister came with my parents, too (but she had no idea what was going on…).

This blog is to remember how much my parents care for me.