#22: Bollywood

Today in class, we were introduced to Bollywood movies which we will be watching in India next month! Maybe it is because I am an art student, but I find the vibrant colours of their outfits very alluring. Bollywood, of course, is known throughout India and the world. In addition to that, I recall hearing that Bollywood stars are of very high-status in India. It slightly surprised me a bit until we drew the comparison between Bollywood stars and Hollywood stars. Some people are infatuated with certain actors or singers. I always felt quite neutral about this topic but now, I feel that it is good in a way that it allows people to converse easily. Although celebrity gossip can seem useless, in some situations it provides a common ground for people to bond on. For instance, I suffer from social anxiety with strangers sometimes. But when I hear that they like the same singers as me, I immediately as if we know each other much better. In connection to our fast-approaching trip, it does not have to be famous celebrities, but I hope that there will be subjects that will start endless conversations at King’s Kids.