#17- Cultural Shock

When I first arrived to the “Land of Albatross”, I was a bit excited about what was about to happen. The secret door was opened by a straighter, who covered himself with long cotton clothes; therefore I was not able to see his face. At the same time, I saw a green light coming out from the room. He directed me into the room, and sat me down in the middle of the room on a chair, while all females in the room are sitting on the ground. During that time, my emotion shifted from being confused to being uncomfortable. Later on, more people were led into the room by the same straighter. At that point, I noticed certain patterns. First, only the males were allowed to sit on the chairs, females had to sit on the ground with their shoes, jackets and backpacks off. The man only hissed to the females, but “emmm” to the males, and to me, it seemed like that the man valued the males more than the female. Since more and more people were in the room, I no longer felt lonely, and I started to adjust to the fact and environment. Near the end, I even started to feel more superior amounts the whole group due to how as males, we were treated “nicely” by the straight man. At the end of the event, a lightning diagram was shown on the screen, and the boy, who was sitting at the front was directed out of the room. At the same time, all other boys rotated their sitting positions. As a result, we thought that the males were set free at the end of the “ceremony”. That was when I hit the climax of the graph (Ps: completion of studies of studies on this graph). Later on, Mr. Matheny (the straight man) told us the real fact of the “Land of Albatross”. That was when I hit “reverse culture shock”, where all my beliefs and assumptions were wrong. He said that in the “Land of Albatross”, women are sacred; therefore they were allowed to connect with the sacred ground directly beneath them, while the men were not allowed to directly touch the ground, etc. At the end of the day, I mulled over what Mr. Matheny taught us, and I am starting to minimize the usage of my assumption when I am put in an unfamiliar environment.