#16- mālō e lelei (Hello in Tongan)

Main entrance opened, guests entered

“mālō e lelei” by us.

“Em… okay… hello” by most guests.


It is hard to imagine how much work and effort needed to be put in for an auction dinner until I was part of it. To be honest, I was concerned about the dinner even during the day of the event since most things were done last minute. However, fortunately with, the amazing team Tonga, everything went smoothly, even better than expected. From finalizing our dinner booklets to tapping bit sheets on the wall, it was the first time for me to witness the power of teamwork. At first, I thought it would be awkward to work with some peers from IB, who I have never encountered with, but unexpectedly, we all worked well together as if we knew each other for a long time. During the night I was given an opportunity to give a thank you speech to all the chefs alongside with Coleen. I was ecstatic by the number of people, who came to support us from parents to friends, from teacher to past Global students. Their generosity gave me the strength to continue serving with a smile even though I was exhausted. By working with all these amazing peers who share the same goal as I do, I can imagine how remarkable our trip to Tonga would be.


Can’t wait

-Kenji Wong