That was all I could see when I arrived at our first annual event – bottle drive/ BBQ/ car wash. While looking over the vast sea of bottles and cans, the only thing I wanted to do was to throw up. In that moment, it was difficult to believe  that we were about to organize all those bottles. At first, everyone was all over the place, some were “meditating” in front of the bottles, some were trying to collect them. The only thing that bonded us together was the lack of communication. 3 minutes passed by… 5 minutes passed by… Not even one bag of bottles was collected. Just when most people were getting destroyed by the sense of failure, someone stood up and said “I will collect the glasses. Can you guys bring glasses over to me? Thank you so much.” This sentence enlightened all of us, just like a shaft of light in the darkness. Some of us took the leadership role as we said “Please give bottles that are more than 1L to me;” “Cans over here please.” The rest of us were following the orders, and efficiently organizing the bottles. As we were busy working away like ants together in a colony, piles and piles of bottles were organized by their sizes. And the awful “bottle sea” was drained rapidly.


It was crazy to even imagine organizing 500 recyclables, not to mention an insane amount of over 2000. One thing that I learned that day was that the hardest part of completing a task is in the beginning because it is hard to gain momentum to start doing something.

-Kenji Wong