Nutrition… Blog #27

Last class, Tiffanny’s sister came in to talk to us about Nutrition, since that’s her field of study in UBC. She was a Global Grad and travelled to Bhutan in 2015. She taught us terms that we commonly used when talking about the health conditions in India for example, malnutrition. This means lack of certain nutrients in order to keep your body in tact. Malnutrition can lead to growth stunting, obesity etc. In Canada we often take the food that is readily available to us for granted. If we experience vitamin deficiencies, then our doctor will provide us with supplements and guide us to eat foods that are rich in that vitamin. However, in India they are often given no other choice, as their food supply is low and the quality of food will lack the nutrients their body needs to function.

The children we will be visiting in just a few short weeks will be malnourished as they don’t always have a sufficient food supply. Matheny has mentioned to us that this village only gets meat once a week. While there are many specialized diets in our society, such as vegetarianism, they may not have high quality protein to make up for their lack of meat. Even though we may not think of it often, it is a privilege to be able to live in a country where you can walk into a grocery store that is filled with food that will give you all the nutrients you will need for your body.

Tiffany’s sister also told us to write down some tips that we would be able to teach the children in Ankannaguddem. I chose to teach them to keep their dirty hands out of their face and mouth in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. However because of the language barrier, I will have to use a lot of hand movements and this will probably be easier said than done to teach.

-Julia Pascual