34 – Door Opener

Returning back to school, I groan at the thought of the piles of homework I have yet to do and the upcoming test days that I have to study for. But the value of my education in Canada, even though I had not realized it before, is something that many around the world wish and plea to have. Right now is the season of university acceptances and I couldn’t have been happier getting accepted into the university I have set my goals on for a long time. Continuing on my path of knowledge to earn a degree from that school, or even any university from Canada opens doors that many do not have the privilege of.

From what I saw in Tonga, the education system is nothing compared to how it is here. Especially on Atata Island where there is not even a high school. From the very first day, we saw the little kids dressed in their white shirts and red dresses, all so keen on learning. They learn everything from Tongan, to English, to Math to Science, just like me! Even though they might not have the most recent textbooks or materials to read from, within the small classroom they study and work hard. But the fact is that they probably won’t ever obtain the same level of education I will be able to. However our hope is in the new classroom we have built, we build on their dreams and futures of the kids on Atata Island. For them to strive to their fullest and one day be able to receive an education they are entitled to.

With that in mind, I also strive harder to use my education that I’m so privileged to have to the best of my abilities. Learn as much as I can and work hard because education is the door that opens to a whelm limitless possibilities.