27 – Getting The Hang of It

Well, it’s been 5 months since school started which means its been 5 months since I took on a big role in Student Council. I’m going to be totally honest, the first few months had me wanting to pull out my hair as the stress of this unfamiliar role piled up so high I thought I was never going to overcome it. There was so much we had to do each month for events, and from previously holding smaller roles in student council with a president always creating a safety net for me, it made me not scared to make mistakes. But this time around with nothing catching my fall, I felt an immense pressure to exceed other expectations of me as a leader and of our council.

Fast forward to February with many events completed and praises coming our way, I think I’ve finally grasped the position and learnt how to handle it all. No longer am I struggling to complete all the tasks myself and scrambling before events to get things done, but am now learnt to delegate tasks to the execs and reps and truly saw the wonders of teamwork. From this huge change in leadership style, my days are more carefree and the role of president no longer creates anxiety for me, but give me the drive to create a fun year for the rest of the school year to come. With that said, so many more big events are to come like the dance which is a huge production of planning, and also the last big bang of the school year with the year-end colt carnival. I really look forward to the outcomes of these events and hope for the best we won’t run into any incoming obstacles. But even if we do, I’m extremely confident in my council and sure we’ll smoothly get through it.