19 – Life’s Paths

People always ask me “ Where do you want to go to for university”, “ What do you wanna do”. My answers to that is, “I think I want to go here, but I don’t really know yet.” Honestly, it is such a scary thought thinking about attending school next year. It’s the first year where it’s not directly decided where we are to go. From kindergarten to Grade 12, we were told we were to attend elementary school for 7 years then take a massive jump into high school for another 5 years. But now, we have so many different options to choose from like, university, college, trade school, gap year, or full-time work. There’s no one path for all of us to follow but many different ones. Next year we are finally pushed to venture off ourselves into the realm of the “real-world”, making decisions for our own future.

For myself I know I want to attend post-secondary. However when choosing to go down this path, yet again there are more decisions to make. Which faculty, major, Co-Op?? I’m terrified at the thought of making a mistake somewhere, choosing a path that I did not really want to go on, but already is on the process of it. However one day at volunteer, it seemed as if life threw in a piece of advice from a friendly policeman.

He had come in and started chatting with the volunteers and asked if anyone of us had thought about what they wanted to do in life. As the high schoolers we were, we all sheepishly replied not really. He chuckled and told us a story that he was a banker for 10 years and in those years, he felt his job as a banker was not the life he wanted. Thus one day he decided to become an RCMP officer. He bravely quit his job for 10 years and started his training.

As he told this story of his, it made me realize that it’s not a mistake to go down a path that you choose at the moment if one day it guides you to your true path. At the end of the day, it’s okay to walk down a wrong path, it’s a way to grow as a person and to find yourself and your true passions. Once you realize that, it’s only a matter of to have faith and courage to leap onto your newfound dreams.

Bravely taking my first steps,