15 – Paper People

I recently discovered the spoken word “Paper People” by Harry Baker. This poem uses an extended metaphor, comparing the paper metropolis to our current world. It parallels paper problems with all too real national headlines and constructs that no matter what we are made of, people and our world all have problems. Inside the poem, there is also hints of humour with clever wordplay to keep the spoken word engaging and dynamic. Aside from the fact of his brilliantly strung alliteration and his rap-style rhythm, the actual theme of the spoken word is the reason why this poem has become one of my all-time favourites.

The spoken word itself mainly talks about the many prominent current and political problems that are generally shadowed in the media. He shines a light on those problems and showcases the fact that even with all that needs to be addressed “the greater shame is that it always stays the same.” However, the greatest message that surrounds the whole spoken word is that even with all evils out in the world, there is still hope left at the bottom of Pandora’s box. That hope lives inside of people and we have the potential to be powerful. How even if the world was falling apart, we would still make it through, because we are people. With this message full of optimism and hope, I guarantee that Paper People is a great listen and will leave you with a lasting impression.