Blog #31 One More Week

It is hard to imagine that we will be on the airplane one week from now. One week, 7 days, 168 hours, 604,800 seconds. Any unit of time you like, it is coming. Even though I am excited as everyone else, I am nervous, a bit too nervous. It is the good kind of nervousness though, not the “Oh I don’t want to face this” kind of nervous; rather, it is more like “am I really ready for this?” kind of nervous. Yes, I am doubting myself again and being overly anxious and overthinking everything… Are my roommates going to like me? Can I handle the workload? Will I make mistakes and get myself sick? All those questions flood over my brain every night. Even I find myself annoying at this point, but that’s me, that’s my character, and I will have to accept that and work around it. To calm the screaming questions in my head, I told myself:

It is redundant to over think about the questions because that does not help me to get more prepared; overthinking only adds on to the negativity, which is something I do not need on the trip. Let’s be practical, and start with packing. Packing list? Done. Buying list? Double checked and approved. When am I going to buy the things I need? Already scheduled. On the trip, listen to instructions, drink water, pay attention, communicate.

It is exciting to get out of comfort zone, even though it is meant to be uncomfortable. Because I know I am going to learn from the brilliant people around me, and best yet, we are going to grow as a team. Lastly, I know that a lot of things are going to happen on the trip, good and bad, sweet and sour, maybe all at the same time. Whatever the experience, I am going to embrace it.