Blog #28

Tell me I am not the only one who has done this before.

I opened Google Maps and typed “Tonga” in the search bar. The view zoomed out of Richmond, across the Pacific Ocean, then zoomed into the islands. I dragged my mouse to the tiny yellow person figure at the down right corner and threw it on the map. Boom, suddenly I zoomed into the street of Tonga.

I see tall palm trees along the sea line, bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds scattered across.  I can almost feel the warm humid air, and maybe it smells like the ocean?

On the map, there’s only a few selected place to zoom into. The Royal Palace is at the west side of the city. Along the sea line, there is also ferry terminal and Waves cafe (but not the same one as we have in Canada). Even though I would like to explore (through Google Map) more of the rural area, the street view is only available in the city. It is fascinating¬†to see a few people on the street, wearing everyday clothing, living their everyday life, which is completely different from mine. In one month, I will be there physically. What can be more exciting than that?