Blog #23 Workmode

With the first week of school after winter break comes the increasing amount of workload. I have switched my studying hours from morning to evenings ever since school has restarted (obviously, I need to go to classes in the morning). I find myself worrying less and doing more work compared to how I was I was during winter break. When I am focussing on the present, I stop stressing about the future. The end of winter break is like flickering an inner switch, that makes me want to accomplish more work and stop over-thinking.

However, just the desire to be more productive does not help me to get more work done. I have recently watched a Ted-ed video that discusses time-management using the principle of machinery. One of the methods from the video actually surprises me: instead of spending time prioritizing each taskĀ in the perfect order, put each task into 3 bins, the urgent, asap, and later. Often times, people spend way too much time constructing a perfect to-do list and prioritizing their tasks, which cut the actual time that can be used for processing and work. Another method comes from the idea of interrupt coalescing, which deals with grouping tasks in the same time interval. In other words, instead of dealing with each task once they come up, group them together based on how long they can afford to wait. For example, if (in average) three people text you at random times within 40 minutes, you only have to check your phone and reply those messages once every 40 minutes; instead of replying them one by one as soon as they appear on your home screen. This method will significantly decrease the interruptions during your intense study session.

Maybe these tips will help you, or maybe not. Hopefully, we can all get our work done in time.