Flea Market Test Run –> Blog 17

The other day in class we did a test run of what a flea market experience would look like. We had four people act as the merchants and the rest of the class would be broken up into small groups with a shopping list of things the needed to buy. This sounds simple enough, however, the twist was that the four merchants spoke only in a language other than English. This made it difficult for the class and the merchants to communicate about the pricing of the items they needed. I think this was a very interesting experience because it was very different from the flea market experiences I have had. Most of the flea markets I have been to were in Israel and bargaining with the shopkeepers has been rather easy (well , sort of) becasue I could speak Hebrew to them and there would be no language barrier. However, in India, when we get to these kinds of situations, we must be able to find ways to go around them. Some valuable skills that we learned was to always keep your money safe- never leave it sitting on the table. Also, you never say your number first. You have to wait for the merchant to tell you how much they are selling the item for and then go from there. Overall, it was a really fun experience and I enjoyed it quite a bit!!