Blog #13

We made over $2000 at Richmond Center for our coin drive. I’m really proud of our whole class and I’m actually really surprised at the amount we raised. It was really tiring asking for people for donations for a few hours straight but I’m sure everyone feels that it was worth it. I was really shocked at how many people donated and how many people supported us. Although we had many people that weren’t willing to donate, we also had a fair amount of people that donated and wished us the best on the trip. I initially thought that we weren’t going to make a lot since people in Richmond Center are usually very busy and have places to go but there were many people that went out of their way to support us. However much they could donate helped us a lot even the small donations. I’m glad that we’re way over our goal in terms of money and there are still more fundraisers to come like the upcoming bottle drive. I’m hoping we can meet our goal there and if everyone contributes we’ll meet that goal easily.