# 23 One More Month!

As this month comes to a close, the days before we all head to Tonga lessens. I can feel the excitement stirring inside of me as I realized that there is only one more month until one of the greatest experiences of my life up until now. I have been putting off these blogs as life, school and other obligations have been my main concerns. But I guess these blogs have been a bit of a getaway from my responsibilities as it manages to de stress the emotions that I have. I have the ability to express the way I feel and think without having to give it much thought as it just flows.

Although I was a bit disappointed with the fact that our trip to Tonga had been shortened, I realized we should be thankful to even have an opportunity like this. This will test our abilites to make the best out of what we have and to incorporate the things that we have learned into this trip. Not only will we encounter many things, but we also bond as one class and become a family…one more month everyone!

See you in my next blog!

Connie Xiong