#13 Looking Forward to My Future

Grade 12 is the year where almost everyone is stressed, tired and sleep deprived. Constant things like, university applications, scholarships, tests, and projects are always orbiting around our heads causing the stress of grad year. On top of all that, many of us have extra curricular activities such as sports, volunteer and work. Having so many unwanted things to do, procrastination is almost inevitable for me. But as I thought about what my future would look like if I worked hard, motivation struck me.

As I am writing this blog, I can feel this tremendous excitement stirring inside of me as I am also thinking about the future that life has for me. Grad year is just a sneak peek of what university life would be like. As each one of us enter the life of university or college, we will experience increased amounts of responsibilities, deadlines and stress. Having that thought in mind, I felt that I should start to adopt better study habits so that I can be prepared for the workload that I will soon encounter in post secondary. Overlapping tests and due dates for assignments and also unavoidable even in high school, meaning that efficient usage of your time is required. Even when you think you won’t have time to study for one test because of another one, know that it is possible to achieve success in both.

As life will gradually get harder, I find that having a positive outlook to whatever you’re doing is one of the biggest factors that you should consider. Just like sports, your mindset is the most important thing that puts you into a good start. If you believe you can do something, then you can do it. If you doubt yourself and look down at yourself, it will be just that much harder to achieve your goal.

That’s it for todays blog, see you in a bit!

Connie Xiong