#7 Stereotypes in our Society

Living in Richmond, we all hear a lot about Chinese stereotypes having the most famous one as “that stupid Chinese driver.” After this phrase was heard by many, more and more people will begin to discriminate against Chinese drivers; thinking that they are bound to create more troubles in busy traffic. Deeming them as unreliable and calling them “stupid Chinese drivers” will just do the exact opposite of creating cultural harmony.

We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance or cultural background because someone’s skills and someone’s ability to do something has nothing to do with what ethnic group they are in. Having this said, this article actually relates to one of our targets in our global class, to create peace and harmony and to learn from different cultures. Going to Tonga we are going to see people of different colour, culture and lifestyle. Everyone in this world is in fact different from everyone else and should not be classified to be the “same” as their friend of family just based on race.

I hope that global this year will broaden my understanding of different cultures as well as to get to know the children from Tonga. I now understand that cultural harmony is created by cultural differences. If everyone had the same religion, culture and way of living, the world would not be as interesting as it is today.

Connie X