Blog # 29 – SO CLOSE!!!

It is the end of February!!!!! Only 19 days to our trip to Tonga.


Recently, I watched a video about Tonga. Around a year ago, a team of Hong Kong reporters went to Tonga to explore their culture and habits. I found this video interesting because it focused on Tongan health problems. Many Tongan suffer from diabetes and overweight problems. If we view form our modern perspectives and health value, many Tongan are massive and unhealthy. Social media often shapes how we view ourselves, and tall, skinny figures are often show on different media. However, many Tongan value strong and massive body and consider themselves healthy and beautiful. This video tells me a little about Tonga, but I would never know about how Tongan live until I travel there. So, I look forward to this trip. I can’t wait to learn about their values and culture.


I’ll see you very soon.